Links to other, probably less broken, websites.

We always end up with a ton of business cards that I end up losing after conventions and also I’m senile and forget web addresses 5 seconds after I learn them, so I created this page as a way to link to fellow artists and things of nerdy interest.  Links appearing here do not necessarily mean an endorsement from us…it’s still up to you to make sure your photographer isn’t an axe murderer or an artist isn’t selling you stuff stolen from someone on DeviantArt.  This page is a work in progress.  If you’d like your link added or updated (or removed), please contact us via the About page!




Crafting Supplies

Brick in the Yard


Foam Factory




If AC/DC songs are the anthem for our Iron Man builds, White Reflection is the anthem for the Gundam build.  Check out an awesome English cover just in time for the 20 year anniversary of Gundam Wing, among other anime and game themes.


Journeys in Color



Brick in the Yard Mold Supply


One of my favorite molding and casting channels to watch.  Tons of tutorials with good explanations of why things are done the way they’re done.