Shy Guy – Super Mario 2

Costume: Shy Guy

Game: Super Mario 2

Paired with: handlers

Worn at: Rose City Comic Con 2017

Debuted at:  ECCC

Off the Rails Factor: 3/10

Status: Retired



Shy Guy was inspired by an Adam Savage 1 day build (Totoro) and is basically just fabric thrown over a series of hoops.  We ended up making him as a last minute replacement for Epyon, who didn’t get finished in time for Emerald City Comic Con.  It was a super low budget, quick and dirty build made from $1/yard Walmart fabric and scrap foam that was lying around the house.  We didn’t have the time or motivation to put a sound system in him, so we went super low tech and put a squeaky bone in it for sound effects, which ended up being funnier than the proper sounds anyway.  He was retired after Rose City Comic Con 2017 because he was taking up a ton of storage space that was needed for bigger and better costumes.


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