Scruffy – Guild Wars 2

“Look at me.  I’m taller than you.”

Costume: Scruffy

Game: Guild Wars 2

Paired with: A handler

Debuted at: Emerald City Comic Con 2016, Day 3 (Saturday)

Off the Rails Factor: 7/10

GW2 Scruffy cosplay

(First and foremost, my apologies to anyone that got stuck behind this lumbering bucket of bolts, because it didn’t walk particularly fast and didn’t seem to have any spacial awareness of how wide its body was.  And a big thank you to Patrick for being a patient handler!)

There is so very, very much wrong with this costume and yet it’s still so very, very awesome!  This costume is the reason we now have a “if the costume isn’t finished before the con, it’s not going to the con” rule in place.  We finished it in both a driveway, living room, AND the hotel room because I didn’t have the space to work properly in my own home, and we left 3 hours later than planned for Seattle because we were waiting for paint to dry.

For the most part, it’s fairly accurate in terms of scale, other than making the top spires a little on the short side in the name of not running them into the tops of doorways.  Given time, I would have added Taimi riding on the top, because she is the cutest thing in the world, and just been a little more careful about doorways.

Most of Scruffy is constructed of EVA foam over a PVC pipe frame.  Given a redo of this bot, I would use much lighter frame materials and a better design for the shoulder harness, but I underestimated just how heavy the whole thing was going to be and didn’t have time or money to improve things.  We were responsible cosplayers and ensured that there was air flow and cooling fans, and we took a nice long break during a panel as well.

cosplay break

There are a ton of minor gripes that I have, like the eyes not being gray (they’re made from nylons and were my only sight holes, which made a crowded con fun), the arms not bending/extending with a larger range of motion, and the lack of Taimi and/or Taimi’s voice coming from inside (this is HER golem, after all!).  We had a ton of setbacks with the lights and ended up using LED tap lights for the feet and dome, and they weren’t nearly as bright as I wanted.  If I had more money and time to do it the way I wanted, all of the half circles would glow as they’re supposed to, and everything would be much brighter.  There were also parts that weren’t even fully painted (the fingers and the spires), but luckily the gray of the foam was close to the intended color.  The paint wasn’t nearly what it should have been because we ran out of time to paint and didn’t get to put enough coats on it to get the full textured detail and green color sheen.

Even with the minor issues, this was a first go for such a big foam build, and it was a great learning experience.  Cramming the whole thing in my tiny Kia along with 6 other costumes and 5 days worth of clothes and toiletries was hilarious, a minor miracle, and almost more impressive than the finished bot when we unloaded it clown-car style at the hotel.

Working straight from scratch, I think it was pretty good.  The illusion of the floating arms couldn’t have come out better other than a minor rotation forward for the points to be in the right place.  Some license had to be taken for the waist to facilitate a person being inside, but I think it came out fine.  It was a ton of fun, and there were plenty of amusing moments, like when the R2 came over and greeted Scruffy and they had a hug:

scruffy r2d2 hug

At least I think they’re hugging….

Or getting to be part of the many cosplayers who took part in killing the Star Trek Red Shirt throughout the con.  (Very amusing full gallery is here, Scruffy is in there somewhere violating Asimov’s first law of robotics like a champ).

There was also break dancing:

(Or something like it.  It was hard to move in that thing.)

Scruffy will probably need a weight loss plan before attending another convention, but who knows!

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