Minuet – Star Trek: TNG

“My name is Minuet, and I love all jazz — except Dixieland.”

Star Trek Minuet

Costume: Minuet

Show:  Star Trek: TNG (Episode: 11001001 – Season 1)

Paired with: Commander Riker

Debut: Rose City Comic Con 2015, Day 1 (Saturday)

Estimated Construction Time: 2 weeks

Off the Rails Factor: 7/10

Most of the off the rails factor on this one is the ridiculous amount of trouble I had pulling it all together.   This was supposed to be the “easy” costume, where we just found things at the thrift store, and I didn’t even need to wear a wig!

But then it wouldn’t be the aptly named Off the Rails Cosplay!

We couldn’t find the dress, which left me making it.  As you may know from some of our other disasters, I’m terrible at sewing without a pattern.  And it was made without a pattern, because a “here, sew this thing” dress in this exact style does NOT exist.  The ruching or whatever you would like to call it is a little off, but it was all I could do because there was no fabric available locally that would work better than what I settled on.

In the end it probably would have been cheaper, less stressful, and easier to just order a “close enough” dress off eBay, but it was so last minute that I was worried it wouldn’t show on time.  And really it’s nice to have one that fits right when you have no straps or sleeves.  I chickened out at the last minute and added clear straps just because I didn’t want to have to worry about bending over or doing whatever other stupid things I do.

Minuet cosplay
“More sultry”.

Yeah, like that.  (All the silly faces and poses you see are my idea of “more sultry,” which Riker says to refine the image of Minuet on the holodeck to his liking, because I am a mere mortal and incapable of such a request.)

“Even more sultry”.

We couldn’t find the shoes, which left me making those, too. As an added bonus, we couldn’t even find the FABRIC to cover the shoes, so I bought something close enough and filled in every other line with a red marker to make it slightly more accurate.  Because, you know, it’s important to match the shoes that were on screen for all of 3 seconds.

I ended up having to glue foam in them because I got them at — you guessed it! — the thrift store and they were a little big, and I didn’t want to die walking to the convention or fall on my ass like I did when the heel on my Empress Nashmeira costume shoes broke.

The hair is a bit off, mostly I forgot that the cheap haircut place was closed on the weekend and partly because I didn’t really want to spend money to get a terrible haircut anyway.  So I just teased it up and called it good.  Who’s looking at the hair anyway when you can look at my beautiful face?

Star Trek Minuet Cosplay
You can’t really get any more sultry.

I ordered several jewelry options from China at the last possible minute, and went 1 for 4 on them arriving in time (or at all, who knows where the other stuff is).  Nothing is really accurate other than “ooh shiny!” which was fine, because only 2 people knew who I was anyway, let alone how accurate my costume was.  Actually, one of the two gets bonus points because not only did she recognize the character, but she recognized me from behind!  Most other people just seemed to think I was really overdressed for comic con.

As usual we were terrible about taking pictures and only 1 person wanted one of us, so you probably won’t find this one anywhere else!  Get the exclusive right here on Off the Rails Cosplay!

Riker Minuet Trek Cosplay

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