Meow – Space Dandy


Costume: Meow

Show: Space Dandy

Paired with: Space Dandy

Debut: Rose City Comic Con, Day 2 (Sun Sept 11)

Retired 2017

Off the Rails Factor: 9/10

This may be our most off the rails costume yet!  Raising the bar!  Yeehaw!  Thankfully we didn’t take very many pictures of it.

Okay, it’s not that bad.



Meow looks…tired.  Or like he’s rolling his eyes in an exasperated way.  Which is appropriate, because I was tired and hot even with a fan chugging away in there.  This thing got torn down and basically remade on the weekend before the con — and the morning of the con…the “if it’s not done is doesn’t go to the con!” rule that Scruffy inspired kind of got ignored since Rose City is a local con for us — because it looked so terrible and the original fleece and sarong fabric were both utter garbage.  It’s also really hard to get costume completed that you have to be inside to work properly when you have no room or money for a proper dummy.

Its only redemption was a little girl that chased us down from across the convention floor, got a hug and a picture, and then wanted the kitty to come with her and her dad.  Quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

It looks pretty great from behind at least, and really it’s mostly accurate.  (I stalked those crocs on ebay for months to get the ones without holes at a decent price!)  We never got around to his whiskers, didn’t have time to add the gray, and forgot his bracelet and the pouch in our haste to get to the con to see Grant Imahara’s panel, but it was totally worth it, so I’m not too sad.

However awful the costume turned out, I was pretty proud of the stickers that I made to hand out to people who recognized us.  They were well received.  Boobies, baby.  I also made the QT backpack from scratch.

Thankfully this costume was retired in 2017 so that it wouldn’t traumatize anyone else (including me), but Dandy may make another appearance with a different companion at ECCC 2018.

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