John Crichton and 1812 – Farscape

“I’m just looking for a way home.”

Costume: John Crichton and 1812

Show: Farscape

Paired with: Chiana

Worn at: Emerald City Comic Con 2016, Day 2 (Friday)

Debuted at: Emerald City Comic Con 2015

Off the Rails Factor: 2/10

Farscape Cosplay

Crichton, Chiana, and 1812 was our very first cosplay for ECCC 2015.  Crichton’s costume was purchased and pieced together so there’s not a lot to talk about costume-wise.  1812 is made by us and is fairly simple: a resin covered EVA foam shell and a thrift store RC car with LED lights rigged up on the eye stalks.  He even drives when he’s in a good mood, but we need to replace the car with something a little less cheap so he can pick up the pace a bit.

1812 DRD

The first year we did this cosplay we weren’t able to get him to play the song because we didn’t have a sound unit, and this year we weren’t able to get him to play the song because we didn’t get a battery for the sound unit we now have, so he might actually play the song the next time we do this cosplay!

There are some great pro photos that can be found on our Facebook page or the respective photographers’ pages.

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