Iron Man Mark 43

“How do you go to the bathroom in the suit?” [Long pause.] “Just like that.”

Iron Man Cosplay

Costume: Iron Man Mark 43

Movie: Iron Man 3

Paired with: Happy Hogan

Debut: Wizard World Comic Con 2017

Worn at: Emerald City Comic Con 2017

Estimated Construction Time: 3 months

Main materials: foam

Off the Rails Factor: 3/10

As with most of our other work, this looks great from far away.  It’s pretty low on the off the rails factor because 1) it actually got finished, 2) it stayed intact enough to wear more than once, 3) it was actually under budget, and 4) I FUCKING LOVE IT.

Part of the reason it came out so nicely for the cost is that this is a Pepakura build: it’s something anyone can find online and make for themselves without too much technical skill and without a crazy amount of tools and materials.  If you’re interested in making your own Iron Man or the myriad of other things out there, you can search the RPF (Replica Prop Forum) or get on google and look for info on Pepakura.  There’s a definite learning curve and really nothing but trial and error can help you with sizing and scaling of some parts, but stick with it and you’ll get there.  A big thank you to people on the RPF who had a hand in the modeling and design of the pepakura files used for this suit: ironmaided, helagak, and jackieisrockin (if I missed anyone who did work on the IM Mk 42/43 message me).

I think the paint came up a little dark, but I prefer dark to the fast food red and yellow that I’ve seen out there. There are some minor proportion issues that bug me, but it’s tough to be Tony Stark size when you’re a 5’5′ lady.

Speaking of that, I usually like to hide my face and gender, but I have to say it was great startling people with my girly voice, and it was definitely awesome when little girls were amazed that there was a lady in the suit.  (Be Iron Man.)

We ended up breaking a few things at ECCC and the foam has taken a lot of damage, but, in the same way you make a muslin for a dress, this build is really the test run for an upcoming fiberglass build, where we’ll really be able to get the pieces smooth and shiny like Iron Man should be, so anything wrong or broken will (maybe) get fixed in the next version. Even as a test it’s a lot of fun to wear (especially with the speakers blasting AC/DC),

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