Foot Clan Ninja – TMNT (IDW Comics)

*muffled mumbling*

Costume: Foot Clan Ninja

Comic: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW Comics)

Paired with: Shredder

Worn at: Emerald City Comic Con, Day 4 (Sunday)

Off the Rails Factor: 6/10

This costume is pretty accurate to IDW’s red-eyed Foot Clan ninjas.  It’s one of my least favorite costumes, because it’s really just a lazy Halloween costume.  The only part I made of this costume is the red-eyed hood and the neck piece, and they look terrible because they were never intended to be seen in daylight by sober people.  The rest is just an ill-fitting ninja uniform.  Really, it’s all about Shredder, so I could be following him around in a paper bag and it wouldn’t matter.   Which would also be fine, because it would achieve my goal of hiding my stupid face.  Anyway, here’s the only picture I could find of this costume!  Credit goes to the awesome guys running the Pixlr booth:

Shredder Foot cosplay

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