Empress Nashmeira and Ovjang – Final Fantasy XI

Empress Nashmeira FFXI CosplayNashmeira_FFXI
“I want my alter ego to travel the world…”

Empress Nashmeira is an NPC in the Treasures of Aht Urghan expansion pack to the (now ancient) online MMO Final Fantasy XI.  Ovjang is her automaton.

Because Vanessa and Ramon from King of Fighters cosplay isn’t nearly obscure enough!  (And because I like silk!)

Costume: Empress Nashmeira and Ovjang

Game: Final Fantasy XI

Paired with: Blue Mage

Debut: Pax Prime 2015, Day 2 (Saturday)

Estimated Construction Time: 1 month for Empress, 2 days for Ovjang

Off the Rails Factor: 8/10

I’m quite proud of the wig, actually. It held up better than the shoes.As you can see from the comparison pic, this costume was severely off the rails in several places, mostly due to budget and time issues.  I had to forgo a lot of the detailing on the body and the pants, completely skip out on making the gloves, and didn’t even bother with trying to put the gold on the shoes.  Which was a good thing, really, because I ended up falling on my ass about five minutes out the door when the heel on one of those crappy shoes I’d hastily purchased at a thrift store broke on me.  And later, due to the rain, the entire bottom sole started coming off and was too far gone to even bother seeking help from the Cospital (a booth with paltry supplies like my sewing machine’s twin and a sad little glue gun to fix your various costume mishaps).  The weather was going to hell anyway, so we threw in the towel soon after.

FFXI Cosplay

I even forgot to put on the spiffy earrings I took half an hour to make special for the costume!

Ovjang is way off in terms of fabric and colors because I was flat broke and had to use what was left lying around to construct her, but form-wise she’s pretty close.  Somehow I failed to get a picture from the side that shows how awesome her hat is (there’s a huge tassel on it and it’s all…mage-y), but oh well.

Automaton FFXI

If someone weren’t so lazy they’d Photoshop out that fishing line and that X for a pretty cool pic.

I made her in two days with a combination of duct tape, foam, polyfill, leftover fabric, and, if I’m honest, some panicky, frustrated tears.  She’s not spot on, but she’s adorable and makes me smile, so she has a place of honor on my shelf instead of being jammed into the back of the closet like the rest of the costumes.

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