Commander Riker – Star Trek: TNG

Commander William T. Riker, USS Enterprise.


Costume: Commander Riker

Show:  Star Trek: TNG (Episode: 11001001 – Season 1)

Paired with: Minuet

Debut: Rose City Comic Con 2015, Day 1 (Saturday)

Estimated Construction Time: N/A

Off the Rails Factor: 2/10

This was a thrift store/bought job, so not a lot of commentary for it.  It was decided rather last minute what we were doing, and we intended to remake the shirt in a more proper shade of burgundy instead of the red, but we ran out of time and money.

RCCC Star Trek Cosplay
“What’s a knockout like you doing in a computer-generated panel room like this?”

As usual we were terrible about taking pictures and only 1 person wanted one of us, so you probably won’t find this one anywhere else!  Get the exclusive right here on Off the Rails Cosplay!

Riker Minuet Trek Cosplay


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