Chiana – Farscape

“Is everybody aboard this ship kinkoid?”

Costume: Chiana

Show: Farscape

Paired with: John Crichton and 1812

Worn at: New York Comic Con 2016

Worn at: Emerald City Comic Con 2016, Day 2 (Friday)

Debuted at: Emerald City Comic Con 2015

Off the Rails Factor: 4/10

Status: Retired

Chiana cosplay ECCC

I finally decided to retire this one out of sheer frustration with the makeup (well, that and the wig was starting to look like roadkill).  Out of three cons, I felt the makeup only looked good at one of them (ECCC 2016), and even then it was coming off around the eyes.  Chalk it up to low quality makeup…yeah that’s it!

Crichton, Chiana, and 1812 was our very first cosplay for ECCC 2015.  I both love and hate this costume with a passion.  The costume and the character are a ton of fun and it’s awesome to see how many Farscape fans recognize it, but getting the makeup right (and keeping it on) has been more than a little stressful, and I’ve discovered that I much prefer hiding my stupid face inside of robots and giant stupid things than failing at being sexy.

We did learn a lot about body paint from this costume: the first year we airbrushed but did a poor mix on the paint and ended up having it crack and flake within an hour or two.  The second year we switched to a cream style, which works really well unless you’re pressed for time, which, if you’re familiar with how we roll, we always are.

Farscape Cosplay

I’m usually so focused on how awful the makeup looks for this costume that I forget to mention that this whole costume is made from scratch: painstakingly sewn strips of leather and hand-applied hundreds of studs, resin over foam knee and elbow pads, and a wig cut and styled by us.   The original comm badges (one of  which we lost at ECCC 2016 ><) were handmade from brass and Instamorph.  I later remade the comms out of resin with an inset pinback, and they turned out much lighter and secure but a little sloppy.  I’ll post a brief how-to (or probably more like a how NOT to, since they came out kinda crappy) at a later date.

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