Blue Mage – Final Fantasy XI

FFXI Cosplay

{Party}{Can I have it?}

Costume: Blue Mage

Game: Final Fantasy XI

Paired with: Empress Nashmeira and Ovjang

Debut: Pax Prime 2015, Day 2 (Saturday)

Estimated Construction Time: 1 month

Off the Rails Factor: 6/10

{ Blue Mage } { Do you need it? }Because we live so far apart and I’m usually broke, we only had a couple of meetups to finalize measurements and figure things out.  We had never made boot covers before, didn’t have time or money to do the gold in the detail it needed, and had other costumes that weren’t even close to finished to work on as well.  We were spray painting the final bits of gold the same morning that we left for Pax Prime.  Paint fumes, hooray!

Since I’m a fan of the “everything looks perfect from far away” motto, we kept on truckin’ even through our ineptitude, and overall I think the costume looks pretty accurate.  We did skip out on a lot of minor detailing, but it’s definitely a Blue Mage.

I think not a single person wanted our picture that day, but we did have at least a few who recognized us (even Nashmeira!), we got a /cheer from some of the huge line waiting for a FFXIV panel as we passed by because it was capped, and we had fun running around in silly costumes.

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