Christmas in July!

Oooh, ooh, ooh!  Happiness is finding money you squirreled away for a rainy day!   Because it’s raining!  Not literally of course; literally it’s 8 million degrees outside.  LITERALLY, I say!  Figuratively it is raining, because I keep having problems with costumes as time is rapidly running out, and my budget is nonexistent due to having to replace my crappy car just to be able to get to conventions!

So I’m super mega crazy excited because I got to order an entire roll of elastic at rock bottom prices (and probably quality, but hey, I’m wearing these costumes once or twice ever) instead of having to buy it at 500% markup locally.  Woot woot!

I also got to order some hotfix studs!  Hotfix studs and I go way back.  And by way back, I mean a few months ago.  My very first costume was before the inception of this blog, but there is much ranting on my other site about the 500 or so hotfix studs I had to glue onto it using epoxy because the glue didn’t stick to the leather.  Fun times!  Can’t wait to do that again!

And then today I just lost an auction for 50 yards of piping, only to find an identical item for much less than the idiot who bid it up 5 times near the end paid for it.  So there, jerkoff!  Trim incoming, again for way cheaper than I would have to pay locally!  And I don’t have to make it myself!  Hooray!

And the best for last: piping cord!  Because piping!  So much piping to make!  And now there’s enough to not have to buy it in sad little lengths for ridiculous prices!

The greatest thing about all of this is that these things are coming from the USA, so it won’t take a month for them to arrive and I can actually put them to use ASAP.  Because it’s ASAP time!  1 month to go with 8 costumes to complete, and I think we have about 3.5 of them totally ready to go.  Which makes this relevant:

creative-process1As you can see by this handy illustration that I jacked from somewhere on the intertubes, we’re about to enter the yellow zone.

Everybody panic!